A Moment Before The World – Musée des Oudayas and Andalusian Gardens, Biennale Rabat, Morocco, 9/24 – 12/18 2019

Namesake – Site-specific sculptural installation in four locations in the Andalusian Garden, inside the Kasbah de Oudayas, Rabat.

Kasbah de Oudayas, Avenue Mustapha Assaih, Rabat, Morocco – 164cm x 127cm unframed, – Digital chromogenic print – Edition of 3 + 1 ap

Namesake, a site specific project commissioned by Biennale Rabat, Morocco, in 2019, involved mining clay in Iceland, casting it by hand into paving-stones and installing them in the historic Andalusian Garden, inside the ancient Kasbah de Oudayas in Rabat, allowing them to naturally evolve among the local flora and thereby transporting the locus that is the material itself.

By positing the paving-stones directly in the ground, spans of geological time are contrasted against the moment of human expression. Eventually the paving-stones break down in the native soil, and the installation becomes invisible, even if present for perpetuity.

Accompanying the installation is a photograph of the paving-stones before they are installed, serving as the only permanent evidence of the artwork, as the paving-stones quickly break down into the ground and disappear.

The Namesake series originate in the 2018 eponymous project, commissioned by FRONT International – Cleveland Triennial for Contemporary Art.