Til staðar – Svavar Guðnason Museum, Nýp Cultural Retreat, Sauðaneshús Historic Estate, Iceland – 2/2 -12/31, 2021

“Til Staðar”  (transl. “Towards a Place”, “present”, “in-place”, “dedication to a place”)

Three land-interventions in rural Iceland (Ytri-Fagradalsá, Skarðsströnd, Hoffelsá, Hornafirði and Laxá, Þistilfirði), and three accompanying exhibitions in close vicinity to the sites.

Natural clay is extracted from banks of three rivers; processed, cast, stacked up and photographed, before being returned to the cavities from where it was extracted. The entire process takes place in-situ and in solitude, the mining, casting, photographing and reinstalling, within a radius of a few feet under an open sky.  The clay is unfired  and breaks down within days to its natural form.

The three accompanying exhibitions feature a photographic archive of the intervention, three framed photographs – one from each site – and a video of the process.